Posted by grelmar on September 22nd, 2006

So what the heck motivated me to do this anyway?

I bought the domain a while back while I was still making coin as a independent web developper/designer.  Originally, this was going to be my consultancy home site.

The name “Grelmar” is a word of my own invention from my teens.  It was created as a character name in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Although I haven’t played RPGs for almost two decades, I kept the name as an alias, first on the dial up BBSes of the late 80s, then on the internet.  I wasn’t sure if I’d actually created the word, or if it was something I’d drawn from some other source until the advent of the NET and decent search engines.  For several years, any search engine result from “Grelmar” was directly related to something I’d done.

Time moving forward as it does, I’ve noticed that a few other people have picked it up and now use it, though still to a small extent.

After I essentially folded up my web consultancy, aside from the odd bit of work here and there, the domain sat dormant for a couple of years.  Eventually, I decided to just turn it into a blog.

Now it’s just a place for me to let off steam.

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