apophysis-120104-82I haven’t actually talked about the fractals in my posts for a bit, but the one in the post bears mentioning, and it relates to the post as a whole.  You really need to click on this one and see it full sized.  It has a rainbow coloured fern/feather look to it that’s quite spectacular at full size.  Just click on it to embiggen.

Which brings us (eventually) to the main part of the post.  Remember a few years ago how digital photo frames were all the rage?  Every online electronic store, every photography store, department store, electronics retailer carried them.  You pretty much couldn’t walk through a mall without tripping over a few kiosks full of them?

Like some people, I ended up with a few, that I gave away or loaded up full of pictures, then mostly forgot about.  Never got around to loading new pics on them, and, well….  They’ve been collecting dust for a couple of years now.  It turns out, I like my family photos printed out, in a real frame.  As old-timey as that may sound.

Anyway, over Christmas I got given a free snow-globe from the Hallmark store when I bought a massive round of cards to send out.  It’s kinda a neat, in a trashy-hokey way, with a colour shifting LED, and a a little motor that stirs the glitter inside it.  I gave it to my toddler, who became instantly fascinated by it.  And the wife and I fell in love with its magical ability to zone out the wee one when we put her to bed.  Better than a shot with a tranquilizer dart.  Probably easier on the toddler too

So how does this all tie together?  Fractals and digital picture frames and toddlers with high tech snow globes?

Well, the one problem with the snow globe is that it eats batteries.  So I got to thinking that what our wee one really needs is some kind of electric lava-lamp to help her get to sleep, and now I bet you can guess where this is going…

I loaded up one of the picture frames with a mess of different fractals, set it to random transition mode with the picture changing every 5 seconds, and BAMMO.  A plug-in-able mesmerizer for our precious that doesn’t eat batteries.

So, if you happen to have a toddler that has trouble getting to sleep, feel free to raid the collected fractals from here and give it a try.  Come on, when was the last time you actually turned on that digital photo frame anyway?

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