I was updating the software the runs this blog (a slightly customized version of the sturdy and reliable WordPRess that I have installed on a shared host), when I happened to notice that I haven’t actually posted anything since the middle of October.  In fact, it’s been a day over two months since I last posted anything.

That isn’t to say I haven’t written anything here, just that I haven’t completed anything I was writing and actually posted it.

I could blame a busy work schedule (true) and a busy home life with my wife and daughter (also true), and I’ve also been getting out more and off visiting friends since I swore off social networking sites (again, also true).

But really, what it comes down to I haven’t had anything really inspire me enough to sit down and crank out a full post.

And that includes today.  Sort of.  I don’t have much to say really, other than…

With the Christmas season on us, I find myself in a warm house, with a loving wife and daughter.  Everything else, the daily grind of the office, and all of life’s other annoyances, are small in comparison.

I don’t think of this as a religious time of year.  For me, it’s a family time of year.  And with that in mind, I just want to wish everyone the same joy in being around the people they love, that I’ve come to be privileged with.

Happy Holidays to all.

Something to say?

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