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Why does Charlie Sheen get all the credit?  Haven’t we all had that “Bitchin’ Rock Star from Mars” kind of feeling?  Sure, I’ll give him full credit for coining the phrase.  But all of us have done something, pulled off some kind of stunt, that gave us that (temporary) feeling of total awesome.


Maybe it was that time you miraculously  pulled your car out of an inevitable death spiral on an ice covered road.  Or that time, in college, when you stayed out all night drinking, showed up barely conscious for class the next day, and somehow managed to pull off an A on a pop quiz.  If you’ve ever built something – spent weeks on end custom crafting a jewellery box for your wife, months on end restoring a classic car, or maybe even just putting up the best damn picket fence on the block.  Then you’ve had that feeling.  Even if just for a moment, you felt invincible, magnificent, like a total Rock Star from Mars.

And here’s a shout for all the nerds out there.  You’ve felt it too.  After spending bleary eyed hours poring over logs looking for that error, hand editing a corrupted DB on the fly without ever letting it crash, spending hours on end tinkering with an undocumented config file and finally getting to the point where you hit <enter> and it just -works- all of the sudden.  Every now and then, you too have been a Bitchin’ Rock Star from Mars.

So, hey, Charlie, get over yourself.  Everyone gets to be a Rock Star from time to time.  It isn’t about the fame and the money, it’s about beating your own limits.  Even just once.

And yes, at this very moment, I’m feeling very much the Rock Star.  I finally solved a not so niggling little technical problem that I’ve been moving network traffic around just to keep it off the radar.  I just didn’t have the time or mental space to solve it until tonight.  I feel like a Rock Star because no one even knew the bug was there while I took the time to sort it out.  And I’m a Rock Star because when I did get the time to work on it, at 3 am on a Saturday morning, I had it beat in under two hours – while I was watching a movie.  So, hell ya I feel like a Rock Star from Mars right now.

Fortunately, I have a wife and daughter who will bring me down to Earth tomorrow.  It’s good to have grounding like that.  Charlie’s problem is that he doesn’t have anyone around him strong enough to tell him that most of the time, he’s just a jerk like the rest of us.

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