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I nicknamed this fractal “wheat-field” –  and if you look at the full size image, it isn’t hard to tell why.  Wheat-fields, aside from reminding me of long, boring drives across the prairies, remind me of my early teens.  I spent a decent chunk of my summers in those years visiting one uncle or another out in the countryside, and I can’t say I have any bad memories of that.  As I got older, I found those long boring drives were a lot easier to take than some of the people I made the drive with, because the prairies hold a lot of good memories for me.

The funny thing about memories, is that they tend to magnify or diminish with time.  Depending on your personality and outlook, the good memories magnify, and the bad ones diminish – or the other way around.  Most days, I find that the older the memory, the more likely it is to be a good one.

So it might not surprise you that when I revisit a TV show or movie from my youth, sometimes they just don’t measure up to the memory.  I’m sure you’ve all experienced the same syndrome.

But sometimes…  Well, it is as good as you remember.  Maybe even better.

I recently stumbled across an episode of an old TV show from those early teen years, Amazing Stories.  It was a short lived series, mostly 1/2 hour episodes, with a few 1 hour specials.  In retrospect, it was doomed to failure in the TV world.  It consisted of set piece stories, in the vein of Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits, so people didn’t have any kind of ongoing characters or story line to grab hold of.  Add to that it was written and directed by Steven Spielberg, who had a habit of placing quality as a higher priority than maintaining a TV appropriate budget…  Well, you can pretty much figure out where that would lead.  I’m somewhat surprised it lasted 2 seasons.

One episode in particular really stood out for me.   It may sound weird, but it was an episode I only ever saw the once, and over the years I’d think of it every now and then at the strangest times.  Just sort of pop into my head for no reason.

I finally got a chance to watch it again, and I have to say, it was every bit as good as I remember.  Maybe even better.  It was an engaging, well written, high production value episode.  And the cast.  That was a part I didn’t remember being so…  high powered.  In one of those rare glimpses of a number of actors, all in the same little known show, “before they were famous.”  Kevin Costner (in his pre-arrogant douche could still act kinda days), Casey SiemaszkoKiefer Sutherland, and Anthony LaPaglia.

Directed by Steven Spielberg.

In a little known episode of a short run TV series that most of you have probably never heard of.

But if you did hear of it, and remember seeing it, I can assure you that yes, it was as good as you remembered.

5 Responses to “Sometimes, it IS as good as you remember from when you were a kid.”

    I totally remember Amazing Stories, and in fact that specific episode. Actually I’m reasonably certain I’ve got episodes recorded on an old VHS tape still kicking around here somewhere.

    I have the whole series now. You need to pop by sometime, or I suppose I could drag my lazy butt over to your place. You still at The Orange?

    I knew which episode you were talking about before I even it to the cast list… Of the entire series, that was the single episode that stood out in my memory.

    Damn you autocorrect. I meant “before I even got to the cast list”

    Heh, it’s all good. I think we all expect autocorrect induced errors in blog comments by this point.

    It’s funny how certain things stand out in the minds of people from the same age group. I somewhat expect a higher percentage of people I would associate with, who are roughly the same age, to remember the series, and that episode in particular.

    Geeks of a feather, stick together.

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