Modern Art

1920 x 1200 - Click for Full Size

I really, really, like this fractal.  It has a beautiful colour palette, and the texture resembles brush strokes.

Normally, it would be really easy to get me going on a rant about the pointlessness of modern art.  Randomly slapping a paint brush against a canvas, throwing paint at a wall sized canvas, etc., to me, just isn’t art.  The only art involved is in convincing someone to pay a lot of money for it.

But, maybe, sometimes, modern art is more than random paint splashes and hucksterism.  Don’t get me wrong, slapping a red stripe down a blue painted canvas shouldn’t be worth $1.8 million, especially if the bill is being footed by taxpayers.  On the other hand, sometimes modern art can be thought provoking, or at least pleasant to look at.

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