Blue Sky

1920 x 1200

This fractal has both a neat pattern to it, and a fairly subtle blue colour scheme.  It actually makes a really good desktop background because the blue/black contrast allows for really visible icons on icon text.  Keeps it easy to find all your stuff.

Now, as for the title of the post…

I got thinking today about recursive feedback loops thanks to a couple of lost hours trying to figure out why a NetApp Filer was misbehaving in a way that led to an “interesting” series of phone calls between our largest customer and various levels of our own management.  After the dust had settled, I started image surfing satellite imagery, because, well, I find it soothing.

I came across the following picture, and being a tad OCD about these things, I tracked down the source on the site.

Deepest Darkest Africa

It’s a pretty famous shot, and it got me thinking about the state of affairs in Africa. Basically, poverty begets poor government begets lack of meaningful development begets poverty.  Repeat.

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