Ok, so there might be one or two people out there who may not realize that possibly the greatest show of this millennium, Breaking Bad, has entered it’s 3rd season.

Now Walt and Jesse are really the leads.  But one of the characters you gotta love is Saul Goodman, the world’s greatest lawyer (warning – the preceding link leads to an intentionally bad website).  As Jesse explained to Walt: “When it gets really bad, what you want is a criminal lawyer, and that’s this guy.”

2 Responses to “Better Call Saul.”

    Awesome show! Definitely in my top 5 favourite shows ever.

    I never found out about that show and then my hubby watched an episode of it on the airplane back in December 2010 (just out of pure boredom, picking random stuff on the airplane entertainment TV) and when we got home, we got the whole serie.

    I’ve watched all 3 seasons and can’t wait for the 4th season 1st episode on July 11, 2011.

    I guess it is too bad that mainstream society doesn’t like that show… probably because they don’t get it! I get it, genius!

    Everyone I know who’s watched a single episode has ended up hooked like a crack junkie waiting for their next fix. It’s actually doing really well, ratings wise, for a cable show. But yah, “mainstream” society just doesn’t “get” it.

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