I wouldn’t exactly call it writer’s block.  Obviously, I can still crank out a few lines.

But I just don’t really have much to talk about tonight.

I suppose I’ll talk about Windows 7.

I haven’t actually installed it on a system yet.  But, oddly, I’m really looking forward to it.  I played around with the beta version in the spring.  I installed it as a virtual machine on my laptop using VMWare, and I have to say, what I saw, impressed me.  It had a really nice, clean interface, was really easy to manage and set up.  And VMWare allowed me to compare load against XP Pro (I had a very comparable XP VM already set up), and it was pretty much on par, in terms of processor and memory load.

What I didn’t get a chance to do was really work with the Aero interface. But since Win7 was released the other day, a couple of co-workers have installed it, and I have one thing to say about Win 7 Aero:


Man, it looks pretty.  And it has a lot of nice, intuitive features for people like me who are constantly juggling a mass of open windows on multiple monitors.

Sure, turning on all that gloss will suck up some processor, but it totally looks worth it.  If it saves me keystrokes and mouse movement, then it will more than offset any minor losses in computing performance.  Also, my laptop is a beefy dual core with 4G of RAM and a decent Radeon graphics card (well, decent for a laptop, I suppose).  My desktop is an even beefier Quad Core with 8G of RAM and a state of the date Nvidea graphics card.  Whatever Win 7 throws at either machine, I feel safe they can handle it.

The one thing that concerns me is the migration factor.

I’m going to have to completely burn both systems to the ground before installing 7, and then re-install, bit by bit, all my software.

Oddly, that’s less of a problem on my desktop, which I use more.  I had to burn and build it in June due to a catastrophic MoBo failure.  When I did that, I got my sh#t together in terms of making sure all my key files were backed up.  Now, the only thing on the OS drive is applications.  All of my data is on separate hard drives, and backed up to a NAS drive.  That will make the migration a whole lot simpler, because I just have to worry about re-installing some applications, and transferring a few settings and configs from some key software (email, FTP, SSH, browser bookmarks).

My laptop is a whole different beast.  It only has the one hard drive, so I’ll have to be careful about making sure I back up all the data as well as transferring my settings.  Also, it’s my “company” computer, so my allowable downtime for it is very limited.

But, in the end…  Worth it.  Win 7 is turning out to be the OS that Microsoft should have released with Vista.

Although I’m still waiting for that database driven file system MS has been promising since the mid 90s.

Something to say?

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