Subtitle: Taking out the Christmas Blahs on some Defenseless Monitors.

This video actually was taken on three different occasions over the past couple of weeks since I posted the last video. This time, we take out some monitors.

As a result of viewer feedback from the last video, we shot a couple of specific sequences.

First, we made use of the forklift, based on an e-mailed request from a friend – there you go Danny, are you happy now? No? Oh, that’s right. You’re a Doom Cookie. Happy isn’t your thing.

Second, because some mamby-pamby was upset about us wrecking a Sun Ultra 10 (read the comments on YouTube from the first video), we made a point of taking out a Sun Ultra 60 this time.

Without any further ado – here’s some Dead Tech Destruction Pron:

Image Removed

(Sorry gang. Can’t explain, but had to
take the videos offline.)

One Response to “More Senseless Destruction”

    D (for Debbie, but don’t tell him that) shared this video a few weeks back. Hilarious! Yay for boys who have way too much time and spare equipment in their hands 🙂

    This should be a series.

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