Subtitle: Now THESE Guys Have Way Too Much Time On Their Hands.

Hmmm… Looks like I completely skipped September, as far as posting here. Oh Well.

Anyway, some Ubergeeks in California have built a 21 Foot scale model of an X-Wing. Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal, really, because lots of geeks have built largish scale models of this venerable Rebel Fighter.

The big deal here is that they built it with the intent of actually flying it (unmanned). They’re going to cram four M-Class Rocket Engines into it, and plan on launching it on October 10th. The’ve even added an electrical motor and gearing system so they can change the position of the wings in mid flight. (I’m not sure if they’re planning on going from the closed “cruising position” to the open “attack position” or vice versa.)

Here’s a pic of the team beside their oh-so beautiful creation. Click on the pick to follow through to an article and interview on Gizmodo.

Andy Woerner's X-Wing

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