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So, this weekend I finally got around to hooking up the old stereo and record player to one of my computers. Months and months ago, I’d acquired a very nice M Audio sound card, specifically with the purpose of hooking up the steroe to the computer so I could digitize my wife’s old LPs.

She has a number of old albums from her travels in her youth that simply aren”t available on CD, let alone available for download.

I’ve been home, sick, from work for the past couple of days, so I’ve been filling the hours (between naps) by recording and digitizing the albums, and cutting them up into individual tracks. Not including recording time, I’ve got the process down to about 1 hour per album.

I’m not spending any time “cleaning up” the recordings. I’m taking them as is, warts and all. Some of these albums, actually most of them, have been played and played, and are in pretty rough shape. But somehow, the scratches and pops sound right, because that’s the only way I’ve heard some of this music.

I just finished cutting a fairly noteworthy album, “Una Ramos: El Arte De La Quena,” an album she bought from the artist, Una Ramos, who was performing and schilling the album on the streets of Buenos Aires when she was passing through in December, 1978.

I can pretty much guarantee that none of you have ever heard it. So I thought I might as well upload it and give you a chance to hear some pretty obscure Argentinian folk music. Hisses, scratches, pops, slight skips, and all. If you listen and want a copy of the album, let me know in the comments. I’ll see what I can do.



I did some googling and found that there is a CD by Una Ramos called El Arte De La Quena. However, it lists the “Street Date” as March, 2007, and has a completely different track list. Not one single song matches up. I’m not sure if it’s the same artist. My Portugese being a little thin (rather, nonexistent), I really don’t have any way of finding out. If anyone knows the story, kindly share.

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    Cool music. While listening I was expecting Vito Corleone to pop out somewhere dressed like a Samurai. Cool tracks.

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