Subtitle: Or maybe everyone else is just lazier.

So, I’m almost 2 months into the new job, and like any FNG, I worry about whether I pull my weight. Especially at a job where I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time surfing the net, working on my blog, finding excuses to take long lunches with buddies on flimsy “work related” reasons. Especially when I bill those lunches back to my employer.

So, this week I thought I’d test something out. You see, we have this wonderful database at work that we use to keep track of pretty much everything we do. Every time I talk to a client, generate an ad, place a candidate in a position, etc., a note gets created in the database. These notes are track-able across the company, so that different employees don’t accidentally trip over each other and call the same people too often, or waste time replicating work that’s already been done.

If you’re an old keyboard and database ninja like me, you can use this constant tracking to give yourself a summary of everything you do in a day. You can also use it to track what everyone else accomplishes in a day. I bet you can guess where this is going.

Sure, it’s only Wednesday, but I’ve been tracking my own activities and the activities of my “peers” – people with the same job description – all week. And guess what? I’m nowhere near as lazy as I thought.

Not only are my activities generating a lot more tracks in the system, but by analyzing the tracks (and yes, I have enough time to do this), my activity is actually generating as good or better results as people who’ve been here for years.

Go figure.

If you stood back and watched the office, some of the others might seem busier, but realistically, it’s a lot of wasted motion. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off type activity. The “star” employee spends a good chunk of the day throwing hissy fits over insignificant bumps in the road. And complaining about how many hours he puts in.

Granted, he’s putting in a lot of hours. And he’s perpetually “on call” evenings and weekends, but what does it really accomplish for the company? He outperforms me in measurable results, but only by a tiny fraction. It’s kinda scary.

I also get the impression that my boss doesn’t know what to make of me. I don’t tend to get worked up about things. I generally speaking come off as bored and unconcerned. Which is a fair assessment of how I actually feel. It’s not an act. I am bored and unconcerned. Something goes wrong? *Shrug* I’ll either fix it, or I won’t, and either way, the world will keep turning.

Huh, funny thing….

I just got interrupted in the middle of this post to solve a late call assignment. The senior partner dumped it on me because to try and get someone to show up for an assignment tomorrow morning this late in the day is a doomed prospect and I doubt he wanted his name associated with it. It took me all of 1 phone call to fill the assignment. Now I’m back to killing the last few minutes before I leave.

Either I’m a friggin’ genius (doubt it), or I’m a fraction less dumb and lazy than the other people in the office.

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