Subtitle: Be afraid… Be very, very, afraid.

So I was chatting (online) with a friend this morning, and we had one of those “random moments” that only occur in type.

Among the many beauties of online chat, (one of the chief ones being that your boss, when they can’t see your monitor, can’t tell the difference between work typing and chat typing), is that fact that every now and then you type something that should, realistically, be meaningless and nonsensical, but for some reason it strikes a chord.

Or maybe it’s just me that types meaningless, nonsensical things into chat boxes.

Anyhoo, I have a habit of creating nonsense words on the fly. Things that look like it could be a word, but you won’t find in any dictionary. Grelmar is a good example. Grelmar, as a word, originated from my fingertips in the mid 80s dial-up BBS scene. If you type Grelmar into google, to this day, 95% + of the results will be related to me, in some way shape or form. I find it kind of odd that the word has cropped up in a few other places in the past few years. People seem to be using it in RPG forums and the like. At least I now have a 5% plausible deniability.

In this case, the word I created was a perfect “web 2.0” domain name. Now, I’ve ranted in the past about what a load of bollocks the term “Web 2.0” is, but hey, I’m certainly not above cashing in on a trend. Sellout is, after all, my middle name. (That’s Grelmar Sellout McCheapskate, for those who were wondering.) I’m not sure if I’ve ranted, specifically, about Web 2.0 here, but I’ve made myself a pest in a forum or two elsewhere.

Now, the word looks available in a whois lookup, so I think I’ll buy and park the domain. The problem is, I have no idea what kind of a funky, hip, Web 2.0 site to build to go along with the name.

Any ideas?

It really doesn’t matter. The word itself, like most Web 2.0 domain names, is meaningless. Well, sort of meaningless. We have a tentative definition in mind, which is also sufficiently vague and well suited to Web 2.0 nonsense – “Things that surprise and inspire.”

With a definition like that, it could be some sort of curio, knicknack, or gadget etailer, another pointless social networking site (GAWD I hate social networking sites – but would love to cash in on the trend), a content agregator, a linkbait blog…

The head spins with the possibilities.

Man, I am totally gonna whip out the gold card and buy that domain tonight. I just hope no one has picked it up by then.

One Response to “I have an idea…”

    So where is it? I’d love to see any space that takes pithy shots at Web 2.0 (mostly because the past few months has been about me trying to explain the damn thing to other people).

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