Subtitle: It’s the first Step towards the T-1000.

I really wish I could embed this video, but (so far) it’s only directly available on the manufacturer’s website.

Now, the Army and various individuals in the field in Iraq have been hacking their bomb disposal robots and adding shotguns and machine guns for a bit, and there’s formal army program called SWORD (video link) – to make a packbot with an interchangeable weapon mount, so you can swap out a machine gun, for a grenade launcher, for a rocket launcher, etc.

But somehow, this slick promotional video from TASER Inc. is way, way creepier. The product is a joint venture between TASER Inc, and iRobot Corporation, makers of the much friendlier Roomba self guided automatic vacuum cleaner.

The end result is a purpose built, Taser equipped attack robot. Great. Just what the world really needs. Notably, at that point in the video when the robot is “engaging the most dangerous subjects…” (their words, not mine), who does it take out? If you guessed a big, muscular black dude, you guessed right. No latent racism there, no siree.

I’m waiting for them to come out with the next logical step. The Roomba Home Defence Robot. When not fending off home invasion, the RHDR will while away the hours by cleaning the carpets.

Oh, and in case you didn’t believe me about the robot’s target, here’s a quick screen cap for you:

Politically incorrect, anyone?

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