This is kinda weird, and maybe writing about it will get it off my chest…

Normally, I don’t get nightmares. Well, at least not very often. And when I do, they’re usually about zombies. Yeah, I know. I watch too many zombie movies.

Thing about the zombie nightmares is that if they wake me up, it’s not one of those “cold sweat” kind of things. It’s more like “That was weird – maybe I should turn it into a short story. Nah… There’s already enough zombie stories in the world…” and about that quick I fall back to sleep.

Actually, is it really a nightmare if you find it kinda weirdly fun? Not that zombies are fun. Well, maybe they are. Which is why I watch so many zombie movies.

But I digress.

This nightmare wasn’t about zombies. It was about my sister.

I dreamt that she died suddenly, from anaphylactic shock (really bad alergic reaction), that she got from some bad sushi. My mom and the whole family were devastated. In one of those dream time warp things, we went from finding out to going to the funeral in a few minutes. The funeral itself was a disaster. First off, only about a dozen people showed up, and they were mostly down and outers looking for a chance at some free snacks. This really upset me, because we have a HUGE Scottish type family, very clannish, and family funerals tend towards large attendance.

Once the few of us who showed up got seated, the Church organist fired up “Here comes the bride…” and wouldn’t change the tune even after the Padre told her to cut it out. To make it doubly annoying, the organist had obscenely long fingernails, and you could here them click-clacking against the keys as she played.

She finally did stop when one of the down and outers fell to the floor in a massive, really violent seizure. The organist, along with just about everyone (including the Padre), ran screaming from the church. I went to put a cushion under the head of the guy seizing out (again, in dreamscape a cushion just magically appeared in my hands), and started trying to “comfort talk” to him. My mom got up behind me and started yelling “You’re doing it wrong! That’s not how you do it!”

As I was “comfort talking” to the guy, his eyes opened up, he looked straight at me, and said “It’s Ok. I’m going to be Ok.”

At this point I realized he wasn’t seizing, but going through delirium tremens. For some reason it bothered me that at my sister’s funeral I would have the presence of mind to be able to a) Calmly deal with someone having a seizure, and b) Be able to recognize the difference between a seizure and someone going through the DDTs.

And then I woke up. That was about 3 hours ago, and I haven’t been able to get back to sleep. The main, overriding thing is, I can’t shake this sense of dread that something has happened to my sister, and I won’t be able to get over that sense of dread until I call her, talk to her, and know that she’s Ok.

It’s irrational, I know. And I’m not normally a superstitious person. But this is one time when I’m really annoyed that she lives a time zone west of me and I’ll have to wait an extra hour before I know she’ll be up and it will be Ok to call her.

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    Hey bud. Hello from all of us here. I hope everything is okay with your sis and this is one of those crazy-type dream thingy’s (I have no name to insert). Take care bud.

    Your troop.

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