Subtitle: Even Virus Researchers have a sense of Ha-Ha

Tip of the hat to Wired for this one.

Security researcher Didier Stevens decided to buy a Google Ad to test two things:

  1. How good is Google’s screening.
  2. How dumb are some internet users (still).

The ad? Well, here’s a screen cap:

Best Google Ad Ever

Now, I gotta ask. Would you be dumb enough to click on that ad? Anyone? Well, somebody did. In fact, more than a few somebodies did. Not only that, but in the six months that Didier ran the ad, he never once received a complaint, form Google, or anyone else, and the ad was never pulled from syndication from Google. The statistics are that the ad was displayed 259,723 times, and clicked on 409 times, for a Click Through Rate of 0.16%.

Ok, it’s a small percentage. But still, that’s 409 people who clicked on an ad that told them it would infect their computer.

Sad. Very, very, sad.

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