There’s a user revolt going on over at Digg right now. It’s, well, pretty dang funny.

What happened is, someone figured out the master encryption key for the HD-DVD format, posted it on their site, and Digg being Digg, the story drew THOUSANDS of Diggs and rose to the top of the front page.

No big deal. Realistically, even with the encryption key, 99.999% of the population still wouldn’t have a clue how to beat the HD-DVD encryption scheme. Not that it much matters. Someone out there will build a plugin that will allow pretty much any Windows, Mac, or Linux based machine to bypass the encryption and copy HD-DVDs, so the average user really doesn’t need to know the key. The guys who do need the knowledge, have no need of Digg.

But Digg went and erred. The administrators went and tried to block the story, because the folks over at HD-DVD happen to be sponsors. Never mind that Digg would be easily able to claim safe harbour on having a Digg pointing to the key. They decided to err on the side of big business, and attempted to bury the story.

But, the users at Digg are a somewhat rowdy lot, and so they rebelled. As of right now, every story on the front page of Digg has to do with the encryption key, or about people abandoning Digg because of the censorship. Here’s a quick screencap:

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Right now, it must sincerely suck to be the owners of Digg. And I have little sympathy for them. Word to any budding Web 2.0 entrepreneurs out there: Your users rule you, don’t forget it. You may have the coolest social network on the block, but there are a hundred upstarts around the corner just waiting for you to do something silly to tick off your users and drive them off to the next cool thing.

Web 2.0 is nothing more than the internet version of the “Club Scene.” I, for one, will not shed a tear when the internet populace as a whole grows out of that stage of it’s life.


Digg has gone offline, presumably from the crushing weight of the revolt.

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The revolution will not be televised. It will be blogged.

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