Subtitle: Blowing up a building Vegas style.

I’ve only ever been to Vegas once, and really, it’s not my kind of town. I spent exactly one night on “the strip,” then a week crashing around in the desert with a friend and his 4×4. We’d make a game of getting “lost” in the desert, then eventually we’d just pull the truck over on some suitable spot and wait for the sun to set. After sunset, we’d just aim towards the big pink glow over the horizon and work our way back to town.

Looking back, it probably wasn’t that smart a game. Vehicle breakdowns aside, there’s a few military reserves around Vegas that would have gotten annoyed if we’d “accidentaly” driven into them.

Anyway. Vegas may be the tackiest city on earth, but they sure do know how to blow up a building.

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    Hmph. I grew up in Vegas. The only place there that’s tacky is the Strip. The rest of it’s just like any other large city in the southwest US, and in fact it’s a MUCh nicer city than say, LA or Phoenix. It’s all in the perspective I guess – even though I don’t live there any longer and am quite glad NOT to go back, I do feel obligated to defend the poor city….

    As for blow-’em-downs, this one wasn’t as good as some in the past actually.

    You know, I’m going to give you that one. When I think of Vegas, I think of “The Strip” – the relatively small part of the city that has the vast majority of the Casinos and hotels.

    In fairness to Vegas, the spread of Casinos is probably about as representative of the city as a whole, as the Stampede is representative of Calgary.

    Well, there are a few casinos off the Strip: notably out along the I-215 beltway but I have to give them points – they are ANYTHING but tacky, and in fact one of the best Italian meals I’ve ever eaten (including food eaten at a 4star restaurant IN ROME, ITALY) was at Il Fornaio in the big hotel casino at I-215 and Green Valley Parkway (sorry, no clue what it’s name is….); there’s also still a few fairly tacky ones downtown (now known as the Fremont Street Experience *sigh*) and northwest of town out on the highway.

    But yes, the essence of “tack” is the Strip. They like it that way, and so do the millions who go there every year. Which pays for cheap food for the locals, and no state income tax, among other realities of life….

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