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I’ve been following the trials and tribulations of the One Laptop Per Child project for some time now. It’s a really neat idea cooked up by some of the hardcore propeller heads over at MIT.

It’s a highly noble venture. Basically, it boils down to creating a durable little laptop that can be produced cheaply (somewhere around $100), and then ship a kazillion of these things to the third world, so that children in developing nations get a chance to join the weird wired world.

Now, I’d just about kill to lay my hands on one of these things, but until last month, no one outside the development team even knew what the final product was going to look like. But in February, they shipped 2500 prototypes to various software and hardware teams participating in the project, and as a result, pictures started to trickle out.

Håkon Wium Lie, the CTO of Opera Software (makers of a damn fine browser), promptly grabbed his and jetted off to the US to show it off to the geeks over at Wired Magazine. One of them grabbed his camera to make the following video.

I gotta get me one of those things. Mesh networking? Hell, even my laptop doesn’t do that.

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    “damn fine browser”…. okay, if you like something built on the IE engine….

    But the laptop initiative is really cool.

    Opera isn’t built on the IE engine – they have their own rendering engine, neither Gecko nor IE.

    The Opera engine is the most W3C compliant browser on the market – in fact, the only one that scores 100% on the W3C “Acid Test.” But that creates it’s own set of problems, because very little of the web is actually compliant.

    Hmmm….. I know I saw something on one of the tech forums in the last couple of days which pointed out that Op was using the IE engine. I’ll track me back to where it was, and post back. You should know by now that I don’t make things up out of thin air.

    Opera, btw, stinks from my POV. I don’t like the way it works one little bit. It’s okay as far as rendering code goes, it’s okay as far as compliance goes, but it’s slow, kludgy, un-configurable to what I like…. give me FF any day thanks….

    Acid test…. who on EARTH gives a rat’s ass? Sheesh.

    Heheh, yah, the Acid Test doesn’t mean that much. What’s more important is who a browser renders the web that is, rather than how it renders the web that should be.

    If Opera is using the IE engine, then that’s big news. They’ve been licensing out their engine (Presto) for a few years now to develop browsers for portable devices (cel phones), and they’ve recently inked a deal with Nintendo to distribute it for the Wii. It was already on the Nintendo DS.

    Presto is also the engine used in Dreamweaver. The reason Dreamweaver uses it is because of it’s W3C finnickyness. Basically, if you can make a page render properly in Opera, odds are it’s going to render properly in every browser. Which is one of the reasons I keep Opera installed on this machine. For day to day surfing, give me FF. For page testing, Opera has a lot of advantages. Author mode gives you lots of range, including a Lynx emulator (text only browser), which is a good way to see your page as a search engine sees it.

    If Presto is a rip-off of IE, then have no fear, M$ will sue them into oblivion.

    Presto is the engine from Opera 7 onwards (since about 2003), versions 4-6 used the Elektra engine.

    Opera may have it’s quirks, but it’s a step up on Konqueror based browsers (like Safari), and a mile ahead of IE, IMHO.

    Gecko, dressed up as Firefox, still rules the day.

    I keep Opera around to check pages in Lynx and the mobi screens. I’m still looking through my history for the site. I can’t BELIEVE how many sites I hit in a couple of weeks! Amazing….

    I can’t find it…. I’ve looked back through EVERY DAMN SITE I’ve been to in the last 3 weeks, and I can’t find it. I know it was only about a week back….

    *sigh* And I know I didn’t make it up out of whole-cloth, or air-dream it. It’ll turn up again eventually; I hope I remember by that time that this is the place….

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