Subtitle: You might want to pass this one along to your friends.

Personally, I refuse to have anything to do with MySpace. I firmly believe it is one of the greatest design disasters on the web. Not only is the core site itself horrifically designed, the user page creation tools are set up in a way to encourage users to make really bad pages too.

But that would be a different rant.

For now, if you do use MySpace, or know anyone who does, it would be a really good idea to head over to this link. After you get there, do a “Control-F” search for your user alias. I’m sure anyone with even monkey level intelligence can figure out what it means if their alias has ended up on that list, so I won’t explain it any further.

MySpace is playing whack-a-mole trying to take this list of the net. Which is pointless, because it’s already in the hands of all the bad-guy types who would want to use it.

What they should be doing is notifying the affected users. But that would be embarrassing, so instead they’ll play whack-a-mole.

(Update – Feb 3 – It looks like most of those accounts have been taken offline or had their passwords changed.)

One Response to “Got a MySpace account, or know anyone who does?”

    Yes, thank you. I have passed this on to various people, including my daughter, whose daughter set up various myspace accounts and nicks while at the homes of friends.

    Bless you!

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