Subtitle: What? It’s just a cake. Who needs a subtitle.

My wife’s in a bit of a funk, so I decided to surprise her with a treat when she got home. Ok, it may be of the “easy bake” mix one extra ingredient and bake it variety, but hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever baked a cake in my 35 (or so) years on this planet. I even iced it.

Actually, it’s three layer angel food, and I even iced between the layers. I know, for anyone who’s ever done much baking, this is no biggie. But for me, I’m durn proud of myself.

One Response to “My first ever cake.”

    Holy cow, that’s an awful looking cake, but if my boyfriend made it for me I would be thrilled. Any gift from a man is a nice try and lets you know that he’s at least thinking about you and not himself for a change. This is a complete culinary disaster, but a golden-hearted effort. Kudos Grelmar!
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