Subtitled: The Annual Pumpkin Political Statement

Well, I unintentionally started a tradition last Halloween. My wife and I were staring at the tabula rasa of our freshly acquired pumpkin, and we were drawing a complete blank.

“I want something scary,” my wife insisted.

“I want something funny,” I returned.

And there the issue sat, for about three days. We both doodled away a small forest worth of paper. My wife, the architect, even resorted to CAD/CAM software. I fired back with Google Image Search. Things had a strong potential to devolve into one of those marital battles with no possible victor. It was a friendly enough battle, but it was a battle nonetheless.

Then inspiration hit…

“Taxes!” I pounced on her one evening as she came home from work.

“I thought we’d paid them, haven’t we?”

“Nononono!” I waved excitedly. “The Pumpkin! Nothing scarier than Taxes!” I could see from her blank expression she wasn’t getting it. “Two eyes, a nose, and instead of a mouth, we carve the word ‘taxes’!”

And so it came to pass. The kids who came by trick-or-treating didn’t really get it, but we drew a ton of comments from their parents and the neighbors.

So, this year, with pumpkin purchased and the hours ticking down to the big day, again we were stumped. How do you beat “The Tax Pumpkin”?

Here’s how:

G.W. Bush with a sword through his head.

Scary enough for you?

4 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

    Marvelous! Two thumbs and eight fingers up! I’ll link this post from our nascent plog at….

    […] and while his blog isn’t necessarily political, this post of his got me laughing. Share This Post:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

    Will the thought police come after me if I say that it’s the opposite of scary? I admit to having a helluva grin on my face at the thought. And quite surprised no one has lameducked the idiot in a permanent way, as you suggest . . .

    Pretty scary! It would be scarier if GW Bush were wielding the sword… hehe.

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