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Ok, I have to admit it. When we went to lunch the other week, and I saw you pull out that Moto Razr, I suffered a bit of technology envy.

I’ve had a cel for the past 10 years, currently on my 3rd phone, and every single one of them has been the “free” one that came with the package or renewal. They’ve been good phones, a couple of Nokia candy-bar phones (durable as a rubberized brick), and a Sony Ericson candy bar (my current phone – pretty serviceable).

But when I saw that damn Razr of yours, I thought to myself, “Goddamnit, for once in my life I want a ‘cool’ cel phone!”

So ever since, I’ve been surfing my cel carrier’s website looking at available models, comparing features. Going over to CNet and Epinions to read reviews. In general, driving myself to distraction with cel phone envy. But did I act on any of it?

No. In the end, I’m a cheap bastard and the phone I’ve got works.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t contemplate a gruesome end to 20 plus years of friendship. I can picture the newsreel footage as I was led away in cuffs, yelling “That BASTARD! He flashed a spiffy phone at me!”

Fortunately for both of us, the fates have intervened.

I received a renewal notice in the mail yesterday from my cel carrier. On it was listed the 3 phones I could get for free with my contract renewal. Not one of them was the phone I have been fixating on. But, I decided to go take a look at their website, and lo and behold, the phone I’ve been fixating on is available with a renewal, but it would cost $100. Damnit.

But waitaminute. I have a bunch of unused equipment credits that accumulate every month…

So I call them up, and I end up getting the “cool” phone I’ve been fixated on for the past month. With equipment credits included, it’s going to cost me a grand total of $11, plus tax. Even my deeply rooted inner “cheap scottish bastard” can live with that.

Sony Walkman Flip Phone

I decided on the black one.

One Response to “Cell Phone Envy”

    *laughing* I’m even cheaper and more scots than you are…. I got the phone alltel “gives away” as “used” (it’s not – it’s new…. go figure) for less than free…. literally. They paid us back by rebating our monthly bill (a whole $24 and change including taxes etc.) for 3 months….

    My cell phone is never on – unless I need to call someone, like the tow truck…. we have a 30 minute a month plan. The most we’ve ever used was 8 minutes.

    I HATE phones.

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