subtitle: Another toy I’m not sure how to tell the wife about.

Ok, so after Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, my uncle Bob and I got to talking, trading old war stories. Somehow or another, the subject of the “Jimmy Jezus Water Walker Bus” came up.

The J2W2B is a 1972 Cardinal Coach 2/3 length school bus (halfway between a short bus and a full length) that had been fully camperized. My uncle had picked it up when he was raising rodeo stock (bucking horses, to be specific), and was spending a heckuva lot of time on the road, going from one rodeo to the next. He just found it easier to drive around in a portable hotel room with all his stuff in it, then constantly packing and unpacking.

Now, rodeo cowboys are renowned for turning a good phrase. At some point, after a year or two of various cowboys ribbing my uncle about his “Hippy Bus” – one gent commented – “Well ain’t that just a Jimmy Jezus Water Walker Bus.” And the name kinda stuck.

Now, my uncle brings up the subject of the J2W2B at Thanksgiving. He’s several years retired from raising rodeo stock, and the bus has essentially sat idle since then. In an off-hand kinda way, he asked if I wanted it.

“Well, gee, Bob, where the heck would I put it? We live in the inner city.”

Bob just shrugged, “You could keep it out at our place. Just transfer the title over to your name. You’d get more use out of it than I would.”

Well sheee-it. Put yourself in my shoes. Someone offers you a gen-u-ine hippy road trip bus, for free, and even offers to store it for you when not in use. What the heck would you do?

I’ll tell you what you’d do. You’d say “Yes SIR!” and shake on the deal. That’s exactly what you’d do.

Then, when you got home, you’d ruminate on the consequences of that hand shake. Specific consequence – how do you explain to your darling wife, that you’d acquired said bus?

5 days later, and I have yet to come up with an answer to that question. Fortunately, I’ve got all winter to come up with an answer to that question.

One Response to “The Jimmy Jezus Water Walker Bus”

    Um. It’s called like this….

    “Honey, you know, vacations are pretty expensive these days…. but lookee here – we’ve got this great bus camper UncBob donated to the cause, and there’s this absolutely STUNNING MARVELOUS campground at Glacier (or whatever it is the Canadian side is called – that was 30 years ago so memory is begging off), the deer live in the campsites, the fish jump into the boats without benefit of hook or line, the sun comes up over one massive col-ridge in the morning, painting the sky with every color from salmon to lemon to lavender to cerulean – and then it goes down in reverse over the other col-ridge in the evening…..”

    Create, m’friend….. create….

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