So I spend long hours at work. Usually about 12 hours a shift. I don’t really mind too much. The time goes fast, and a 4 on 4 off schedule is nice. My main problem is meetings, and how they’re scheduled to make life easy and convenient for a certain group ofthe supervisory/management staff, and brutally inconvenenient for what amounts to the majority.

Like most supervisors, I work in the “Night Program.” We run 4 buildings at night, with the largest building being broken up into floors, needing a total of 8 supervisors per night. On two rotations, that means we have a total of 16 supervisory staff in the night program. The day program has a total of 5 supervisors.

The night program is also what generates the bulk of our government funding, due to a provincial “bed fee” we receive for every person we accommodate every night. Now, the “bed fee” is a pittance, and we rely on somewhere between 50-70% of our funding from non government sources (donations, corporate sponsorship, trust funds, etc.), but the fact is, we deal with far more people overall at night, and our prime business is the night program.

Supervisory meetings are held during the day, because that’s when the admin types work. And they are not particularly concerned with how brutal this can make a schedule for the night staff.

The meetings are always held at 8:30am. Sounds pretty reasonable to most people, right? And they tend to go until between noon and 1pm, but they have been known to stretch on until 3pm.

Long, but not lethal. And the general supervisory meeting is only held once per month. Great. I only have to endure the tedium every 30 days or so.

BUT, and it’s a very big “but,” my usual night begins around 7pm, and isn’t over until 7am. So to make the meeting, I either have to stay after my shift, which turns my workday into an 17 hour plus marathon, and this is after the last day of my rotation when I’m running on fumes at the best of times. Or, I have to come in on the morning before my rotation starts, right at the time when I shuld be sleeping. This means I only get 3 or 4 hours sleep before the first day of a rotation. So I start my rotation in fatigue mode. Working 12 hour shifts, if you start a rotation fatigued, you simply are not going to catch up until after the rotation is over.

Add to that the other little one and two hour meetings that occur over the course of the month, plus various “mandatory” training sessions that usually last a couple of days (I end up doing one of these every month or so), and I simply lose track of the hours I put in.

I dunno. I just felt like griping about it because I had to sit through one of those meetings yesterday, right at the end of my rotation. On the plus side, after the meeting I was off shift (on a Thursday afternoon), and don’t have to go back until Monday evening. So, compared to some other jobs, I guess I shouldn’t bitch too loud.

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