It’s a small thing, but one part of my life just won’t modernize…

It was one of the first “killer aps” of the early 80’s pc.

Over the years, I’ve tried countless pieces of software, bought dedicated portable devices, tried and tried to break the habit, but in the end…My entire life is still scheduled on a picture calendar hanging on the wall.

Oh, sure, I’ve gotten high falutin over the years. No longer does the picture calendar display a bank logo or “tool-chicks”. No, it tends to wander from photographer to artist over the years now. From Ansel Adams, to Nat Geo, to Escher.

But, it’s still a picture calendar with notes scribbled all over it.

This time, I think I’ve got it beat.

A nice, simple little applet inside my e-mail program. Visually, it looks like an old fashioned wall calendar, minus the picture. It’s simple, it’s clean, it comes up from a click on a very obvious in my e-mail client, which is always up and running. Simple and intuitive to use. This might be the one.

Just let me pencil something in on the wall calendar to remind me in a month to check and see if I’m still using the new one…

3 Responses to “Trying to detach from my inner luddite…”

    What email client? Not outlook is it?


    Best thing about T-Bird is the built in Bayesian filter for spam. Takes some training at the beginning, but now gets about 99%.

    Oh, good job! Yes, I love t’bird all round. So you’re using sunbird too then for the calendar app? And that month is gone you know! *laughing*

    While I do appreciate the bayesian filter, I still prefer MailWasher as front end. Because that way the junk never leaves the server….

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