I’d be stunned if anyone ever actually reads this, but here goes.

So, his Jobness sir Steve announced that he’s going to realease an “iTV” box.

What does it do? Well, it lets you download poor quality videos at an overpriced rate from iTunes so you can watch them on your TV at home. While the price of the box hasn’t been announced yet, you can bet it will be in line with everything else that Apple sells – essentially, way overpriced.

Here’s a clue for all you “cult of the Mac” types out there: You pay WAY too much to do what anyone with half a brain can do on a PC. You can go off all you want about virus and spyware problems, but again, I’m talking about people with at least half a brain. If you have that much, then you should be able to keep a PC clear of malware with little difficulty. But that’s a different rant.

But wait, you say, the new “iTV” box will do so much more! You can stream videos and slide shows to your TV with it, you can even use it to access your collection of overpriced iTunes music.

Impressed, I am not. With some cheap cables you can pump the audio from any run of the mill pc to an amp or a TV. Slam a cheapo ($50) graffix card with TV out into your PC, and you can push anything you can see on your monitor onto your TV. Remote kits? They go for around $20 nowadays. So for less than $80 (including cables), you can accomplish pretty much anything the iTV box will do with your existing PC. If you want to get pricey, you can invest a $100 in a Tuner card, and go and download some damn spiffy freeware, or even some open source software, and your PC will blow the ass right off the iTV box. You think iTunes will block a PC from buying and downloading the poor quality vids they have for sale? I think not. Better yet, go get a a good bit torrent client, and then head over to TPB and get better quality copies of the same shows for, erm, free.

But no. You’re a cult of the Mac iconoclast. You’ll rush out to the Apple store and buy the iTV box as soon as it hits the shelves. You’ll pay too much for it, and you’ll bask in your own idiocy for doing it.

Congratulations, sucker. You’re not even an iconoclast, going against the grain. You’re just one of millions of middle class weasels who’s bought into the hype.

2 Responses to “Rant #1 the iTV box.”

    Heh. And so, we arrive again at the elitists. This time, it’s the Mac version rather than the linux ditto….

    Oh hey though – now here’s a WONDERFUL expansion on what I call the “ipod silliness” theory…. – net radio; music your way; you tune your stations to suit…. got to be some sort of bayesian algo (like “learning” spam….)

    Has prompted me to get the headphones and listen to music again….

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